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Linux iptables xtables-addons GeoIP examples

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Some simple examples using xtables-addons GeoIP rules.  See other firewall-related posts for iptables background information and additional examples using custom chains with iptables.  The examples below require that iptables and  xtables-addons be installed and you must generate the ‘packed’ lookup-tables from GeoIP data-sets.  These rules were tested using Fedora 13 (Red Hat Linux) with xtables-addons Continue reading →

Linux GeoIP Firewall via iptables (xtables-addons)

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Getting xtables-addons  with GeoIP working under Fedora (Red Hat) Linux was a bit of a hassle…  Note – xtables-addons is NOT standard (yet) for Linux iptables; it is considered to be experimental so installing it on a production system may not be appropriate.  I  hope that the GeoIP addon will soon become a standard feature. Continue reading →

Epsilon breach: e-mail marketing issues

Friday, April 29th, 2011

In  the out-source era we continue to see it’s not my problem or it was a problem with one of our vendors…  So, which company is responsible for data that you share with them?  At some point we all need to ask ourselves, “Who are we doing business with?” Perhaps we should also ask, “Who Continue reading →

Securing WordPress 3.x Multi-Site

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

WordPress 3.x is a dual-use Internet Publishing solution – use it for a single domain, host multiple sub-domains (or sub-folders) or host multiple, unique domains. Start with the foundation before getting into WordPress specific solutions – are each of your server base components up-to-date and secure as needed/possible?: Apache security: base configuration using a best Continue reading →

NFL Jersey Web Link-SPAM via Romania for China?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

The Internet is great at creating anonymous opportunities to connect – you don’t really know ‘who you are talking to’ unless you dig for information. Using GeoIP data (geographical pin-pointing based in IP address) as a basis for network filtering has some ‘holes’ – it is possible for network activity to present ‘false’ (or at Continue reading →

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YOUR GeoIP Data | Ip:
Continent: NA | Country Code: US | Country Name: United States
Region: | State/Region Name: | City:
(US only) Area Code: 0 | Postal code/Zip:
Latitude: 38.000000 | Longitude: -97.000000
Note - if using a mobile device your physical location may NOT be accurate...

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