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I offer web hosting services utilizing the WordPress Open Source solution (this site is an example.)  WordPress is an SEO friendly, relatively easy to use solution for creating a dynamic, current site for sharing your business information as well as keeping customers connected via RSS and other technologies.  You have a significant number of thematic options, a rich set of optional commercial and Open Source plugins, as well as support for multi-media (photos, video, audio) and social media connectors.  This is a fast and relatively inexpensive starting point for getting your business on-line (versus having a custom coded site created.)  Your site can be hosted using your existing domain, a new domain, or a one of my custom domains (i.e.

Static HTML or Dynamic HTML to WordPress Conversions

Depending upon the origin/structure of your current web site it may be possible to move your content directly into a functioning WordPress solution.  The steps can be somewhat involved (see related posts on this site) so I am happy to discuss possible approaches with you.  The time required and costs involved will vary based on the amount of content being moved/migrated as well as any custom requirements (i.e. retaining link structures, images, etc.)

If your business is physically located in the state of Georgia, then, when available, I offer custom sub-domains and/OR I may be able to place your business in a meaningful, quality, SEO friendly category page, i.e

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