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1-Wire Micro-Lan Sensor Networks (2011 project)

1-Wire Hardware Hacks and Implementation discussions/examples/products

The products arrived Thursday, and I plugged the master into a server running Debian 5.0 Lenny. The LinkUSBi is a serial device with an internal FTDI FT232R USB UART, which was recognized by the ftdi_sio usb-serial module and set up as /dev/ttyUSB0. In case you have other ttyUSB devices on your machine, I devised this udev rule for more permanent device naming:

SUBSYSTEM=="tty", ATTRS{serial}=="?*", SYMLINK+="char/by-id/tty-$attr{serial}"

In this case it gives me /dev/char/by-id/tty-A800bZvc, but for the sake of simplicity I will continue to refer to the device as /dev/ttyUSB0 for the rest of this guide.



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