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Part 2: Getting Data from Ambient Weather WS-1000 Wireless Weather Station

By Dale Reagan | September 7, 2015

Part 2: Getting Data from Ambient Weather WS-1000 Wireless Weather Station Using a Wifi AP

Soooo, how can you capture the data from *your* WS-1000 and save it locally using the Wifi connection?

 Capture Wifi data from this unit requires some level of ‘hacking’…

Man-in-the-middle solutions

Re-configure the WS-1000

Setting up a WiFi Access Point

The goal is to put the pieces together that can:

Note about other options where you could do most of what is described in the next section if your router provides the needed options, i.e.

Components needed to provide Wifi AP Service

For my first pass I am using:

Once each of the above components are working then you simply (in theory…) connect the WS-1000 to your new AP and all traffic is sent to your server of choice via man-in-the-middle type tinkering.  Essentially, your AP will need to be configured such that it ‘tells’ the WS-1000 that your server of choice (i.e. my local Linux server) is really; the WS-1000 then ‘sends’ the data to your local server where you capture/log it.  And yes, you could do this for any device connecting to your custom AP (when this is done in a ‘public place’ (i.e. a coffee shop) then *your data* or perhaps even your web-connected-device could be compromised; avoid such connections if possible…)

I have not mentioned how to ‘capture’ the data  that the WS-1000 will be sending – the simplest solution:

  1. create a URI using the same ‘path’ that the WS-1000 is already using
  2. create a web page with PHP code to capture/log/massage the data
  3. create a script/process to ‘publish’ the data out to the Internet (you could combine that with step 2 but it is probably ‘better’ to use a secondary process, otherwise the code will become more complex – I prefer simpler solutions…)

You can ‘figure this out’ via any network ‘sniffing tool’ (i.e. WireShark.)

Of course, your mileage will vary – and perhaps, you may have a simpler solution.  🙂



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