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Apple Airprint with HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 – solved

By Dale Reagan | September 27, 2015

This appears to a be a common problem (based on all the web twists and turns I took trying to resolve it.) If you are in a non-Apple environment then printing from an iPad to a NON-Apple printer or with a NON-Apple wifi setup can be a journey to get working…  Suggestions included:

Side note – Airprint appears to send everything as a PDF document to an endpoint; the endpoint (printer) then ‘interprets/renders’ the PDF; it is very ‘slow’ and there may be limited OPTIONs  for managing the printed output (i.e. may not be able to change layout, turn color ‘off’, etc. – at least in my case I can select page print ranges and B&W only printing); you may want to adjust your ‘default print’ options (on the printer) if you do a lot of printing via Airprint…

Other problem symptoms – after you get the first working print job going – time passes and:

Both of the above show up frequently in Internet searches on both Apple and HP support sites; many suggestions point you to reset/re-power everything – that may get things working but is not a real solution.  If may have to ‘dig a bit’ and go through some trial and error approaches since ‘all of the pieces’ are not clearly explained (at least I did not encounter and end-to-end document that explains how this *should* work or how to *get it working*…)

I arrived at this solution by getting enough background on what protocols Airprint uses to correlate them with services that my printer supports (in my case, it appears to be IPP and Bonjour.)  Along with that (at least at this time) I also adjusted my router and ‘turned off’ Enable Multicast Streams.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 – steps & settings

Airprint with HP Printer Setting/changes that worked for me

This is what gets Airprint working on the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600:

What’s causing this intermittent success with locating a Bonjour Printer?

Some guesses:

Other possible solutions

Firewall note – based on other web postings, I tried various SPI-Firewall related settings – this made no difference for me (i.e. Endpoint filtering is set to  ‘Port And Address Restricted’.

On my printer (i.e. this may be different on YOUR printer, but look for similar options), the URLs to the above are:

make a backup BEFORE you start tinkering...

# Master ‘Service’ Toggle

# Bonjour

# Internet Printer Protocol

Probably not Relevant since is the firewall ON the PRINTER, but including since this is what I have:

 https://YOUR_HP_8600/index.html#hId-advOptPage ## Firewall Options

Firewall Enabled options:

Additional notes – 8600 Printer Service Ports

If you cannot see your printer the confirm that the ports being used are ‘open for traffic’ on your network, i.e. for AirPrint on the 8600 (or similar) printer, you probably need to allow traffic on at least these ports: 515, 5353, and 9100.


Name Protocol Service Type Printer/MFP Port Remote Port
Bonjour UDP Printer/MFP Service 5353 Any
Bonjour UDP Remote Any 5353
CIFS TCP Printer/MFP Service 445 Any
DHCPv4/BOOTP UDP Remote Any 67
DHCPv6 UDP Remote Any 547
DNS UDP Remote Any 53
HTTP TCP Remote Any 80
HTTP TCP Printer/MFP Service 80 Any
HTTP TCP Printer/MFP Service 8080 Any
HTTPS TCP Printer/MFP Service 443 Any
ICMPv4 ICMPv4 Printer/MFP Service None None
ICMPv6 ICMPv6 Printer/MFP Service None None
IGMPv2 IGMPv2 Printer/MFP Service None None
LLMNR UDP Remote Any 5355
LLMNR UDP Printer/MFP Service 5355 Any
LPD TCP Printer/MFP Service 515 Any
NetBIOS UDP Printer/MFP Service 137 Any
NetBIOS UDP Remote Any 137
NetBIOS UDP Printer/MFP Service 138 Any
NetBIOS UDP Remote Any 138
NetBIOS TCP Printer/MFP Service 139 Any
P9100 TCP Printer/MFP Service 9100 Any
SLP UDP Printer/MFP Service 427 Any
SLP UDP Remote Any 427
SMTP UDP Remote Any 25
SNMP UDP Printer/MFP Service 161 Any
Syslog UDP Remote Any 514
WS Discovery UDP Printer/MFP Service 3702 Any
WS Discovery UDP Remote Any 3702
WS Print TCP Printer/MFP Service 3910 Any
WS Print Eventing TCP Remote Any 5357

As always, your mileage may vary, but, hopefully you will find this as a working solution – and, find it in a few minutes versus the amount of time that I spent getting to an almost-working solution…

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