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Part 1: Getting Data from Ambient Weather WS-1000 Wireless Weather Station

By Dale Reagan | August 15, 2014

This is my second Ambient Weather station solution – the ws-1090 console still works but the remote sensors faded away after ~2 years…

The web page for the Ambient Weather WS-1000 personal weather station (PWS) lists quite a number of features (see below.)  I either mis-read the information OR based on a lack of adequate information I assumed that I could ‘point’ the ‘upload’ to a server of my choice, i.e. this server.  It seems that the version that I have does not permit this – it will only upload to Wunderground.  There’s nothing wrong with that – except that I want to store the data locally as well as massage it a bit, i.e. the default upload includes inside temperature and humidity.  Also, I have other sensors that I might want to incorporate (i.e. soil temperature, etc.)

While the ws-1000 does provide a means to ‘backup’ your data (via SD card) it is a manual process, and, it is ‘all data’ at once. There are no options for scheduled backups to the SD card (i.e. once per day/week/etc.)  If you don’t manually backup the data then your data could ‘go missing’.  It is not clear (to me) whether the unit has some sort of internal battery (it is not listed as a ‘feature’), but, the unit does seem to ‘retain’ it’s settings during power-cycle or if you remove and re-attach the power supply.  [Side note – the power supply connection on my unit is ‘quirky’ – the console will experience power-loss while I hold it in my hand and fiddle with the settings; my solution was to tape the power connector in place…]

Soooo, how can you capture the data from *your* WS-1000 and save it locally using the Wifi connection?

 Capture Wifi data from this unit requires some level of ‘hacking’…

Man-in-the-middle solutions

Re-configure the WS-1000

Setting up an Ethernet/Wifi ‘Tap’

Setting up a network ‘tap’ is not very complicated but it does require:

tcpflow -i eth5  ## creates a NEW file for each 'flow'
tcpflow -i eth5 -c ## sends all output to the console/screen
tcpflow -i eth5 -C | tee -a /some_folder/your_desired_log_file.log ## send to ONE log file
tcpflow -i eth5 -C  dst host | tee -a /some_folder/your_desired_log_file.log
## above - only saves/captures data sent to specified host:

While using tcpflow works it is a manual approach (yes, you could automate it via scripting and server configs), but, of course, I would prefer an automated solution.  Since this is still a work-in-progress I will update when I get the WiFi AP (access point) solution working.

Ambient Weather WS-1000 partial feature/info list: Features:


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