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Google Nexus 4 Phone – What they don’t tell you…

By Dale Reagan | April 7, 2013

So, the first time around (early Android) I had a few comments about Google Android phones and privacy; seems that things are a bit better (at least at first) for the current generation (12/2012) of Android based systems but there are still privacy issues (IMO.)

Previous Android Phone posts

Based on a review of the previous posts from 2009 – there have been some fixes/updates from Android/Google-land during the past ~ 3 years but, overall, privacy is still-not-an-option.   Great phone for folks who don’t mind sharing literally everything in-the-cloud…  I’m exploring options for using some sort of local, personal-cloud – should be possible.  This time around I took-the-plunge and simply purchased the phone directly from Google (not an option previously.)

No Sync to PC Outlook data

– easy to put your data in the Google Cloud and then ‘sync’ to your phone – but, then your data is no longer private…  Workarounds:

Working with Funambol –  Contacts/Schedule Sync Server

I gave up on my first pass with this since the Demo did not work; I returned after not finding another solution (and finding the link above.)  While in general, the ‘community edition’ docs are ok, they are not-in-sync with what you see and what I had to do to get a working-sync solution.  I installed and configured:

I can update my calendar or contacats on any device below and then sync diffs from:

The Android Nexus 4 (newest phone from Google in 2012) does NOT support Outlook Notes or Tasks – see this post for more information on using  Funambol.

 Once you login to your Gmail account

– you cannot log out (since ‘services’ are tied to your email account.)  possible workarounds:

The only reason to ‘login’ is if/when you ‘need something’ (i.e. get/install something new.)  I have no desire to ‘share’ my personal info as I surf or use other ‘services’ – which are advertised as being ‘free’ – TOS aside I will guess that more users will raise concerns about this ‘approach’ (i.e. the 12/2012 incident w/Instagram and using images for advertising…)

Android Disk?

Export Contacts from Pop Email

No ‘file explorer’?

No real, on-device Schedule/Contact Management

Plan to Root your Nexus?

 Overall – Satisfied

At least, at this point.

Would be nice if:

I’m still exploring this device so I’m sure I’ll find more interesting features/quirks; as always, your signal may vary, at least a little bit. 🙂

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