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Linux Contact/Schedule/More Device Sync with Funambol

By Dale Reagan | January 15, 2013

This post is part of my review of the Nexus 4 (2012) phone from Google…

I may provide more details about using Funambol in a future post…

Funambol – a ‘private cloud’ (or cloud) based solution; in 12/2012 this does not appear to work out-of-the-box guessing due to Tomcat-network-related-features (i.e. seems that the download includes ‘remnant files’, which, if you remove may allow for the solution to work (below, steps from the referenced post, actual commands will vary based on install/OSt.)

* stop funambol server
* delete dir /opt/Funambol/tools/tomcat/webapps/funambol
* delete dir /opt/Funambol/tools/tomcat/work
* delete dir /opt/Funambol/tools/tomcat/temp
* start funambol server

Working with Funambol –  Contacts/Schedule Sync Server

I gave up on my first pass with this since the Demo did not work; I returned after not finding another solution (and finding the link above about removing certain files..)  While in general, the ‘community edition’ docs are ok, they are not-in-sync with what you see and what I had to do to get a working-sync solution.  I installed and configured:

I can update my calendar or contacts on any device below and then sync diffs from:

The Android Nexus 4 (newest phone from Google in 2012) does NOT seem to natively support Outlook Notes or Tasks.  Also, you may want to change the default port from ‘8080’ to something less common as well as creating firewall rules to limit access.  While you could implement this solution ‘in the cloud’ or ‘on the net’ I suggest a simple, internal network setup (at least, to start.)

Funambol File downloads – 2011/06 version appears to be latest (12/2012)

Full solution

Pull the Source via SVN:

Extending to the Enterprise
 As always, your mileage may vary.  :)


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