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Privacy is not an option, is it?

By Dale Reagan | September 30, 2012

TED Talks are always full of interested/informative/thought-proviking/useful content – here are a few links from 2012.  This list is a bit security/privacy biased but a finish with simply being creative…

7/2012 – some very interesting Geo-political points (impacts of social media & how governments deal with it – or not…)

Contrast this with ‘data retention’ (cell phone companies.)

Tracking the Trackers – The Internet is not private – the use of  behavioural tracking… (FireFox plugin – note the amount of ‘tracking’ when you view a Ted Talk?


All devices are hackable…  got a new-ish car?

The Third Economy – Massimo Banzi: How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination

The enough already (arduino project)

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