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Resolving Hobo 1.4 and Rails 3.1 errors

By Dale Reagan | April 1, 2012

Well, at least ‘startup’ errors on a ‘fresh’ install of Hobo 1.4 and Rails3.1…

Hobo 1.4 and Rails 3.1 –  This should be on the Hobo 1.4 docs page  – I first encountered this when working with Rails 3.2 – the fixes include getting some sort of Javascript installed on your system.

— Hobo 1.4 pre requires Rails 3.1.x
— Javascript issue workaround as described below worked/tested on Centos 6.1

— The good news, use this approach once and subsequent ‘hobo new projectNNN’ seem to complete without issues… (your mileage may vary…)

1) gem install rails -v 3.1

2) gem install hobo –pre

3) hobo new test14  (will Error out due to ‘missing’ gems)

4) edit test14/Gemfile and add:

gem 'execjs'
gem 'therubyracer'

4a)  I also ‘installed’ these gems…

gem install execjs
gem install therubyracer

5) hobo new test14 ## You will be prompted to replace files
– Keep the Gemfile and
– accept overwrites for everything else

6) cd test14

7) rails s

8) point your browser at the instance…

The above suggests the need to:
a) add above gems to ‘default’ for Hobo?
b) add a hobo command line option to include ‘special/missing’ gems?

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