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WordPress RSS feed XML errors

By Dale Reagan | August 10, 2011

Months/years of no issues with RSS feeds and then you get this when you try the RSS feed for your site:

wordpressRSS Error: XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 91, column 6

Hmm, what to look for?

Of course, your XML error message could be different (i.e. some other line number and/or column.  Suggested resolution approaches:

  1. try reading your RSS feed in a browser – results will vary depending upon how your browser handles XML errors (i.e. FireFox ignored XML errors in during my testing…)
  2. If you are running Linux you probably already have a number of browsers that you can try – getting an error yet?
  3. You can try pulling the feed via a ‘manual tool’, i.e. with Linux use ‘wget’ – getting an error yet?
  4. You can view the ‘source’ for the feed page (probably using any browser’ and find the line and column number – any ‘strange data’ in the XML?

In my case I found that a global ‘footer’ was ‘corrupting’ the XML – my fix – simply remove the global footer from RSS feeds.  The site was working fine otherwise so unless you check your RSS manually you might not know that there was an issue.   Also, if you see such and error when you activate an RSS widget then most likely some other plugin or add-on is ‘corrupting’ the XML.


Whew!  This is one of my shortest posts – a record! 🙂

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