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WordPress 3.2 may ‘break’ your site… :(

By Dale Reagan | July 10, 2011

1/9/2012 – WordPress 3.3.1resolves issues listed below plus fixes some security issues from WordPress version 3.3…

12/14/2011 – WordPress Discussion – editor broken after 3.3 upgrade. – Workaround – use the plugin: ‘Use Google Libraries’ – “Allows your site to use common javascript libraries from Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN, rather than from WordPress’s own copies.”

12/13/2011 – Ditto for WordPress 3.3 – site ‘admin’ pages ‘broken’ again – reverting (Again…)  Reverted to 3.2.1 with no (known) issues…

7/17/2011 – update – WordPress 3.2.1 seems to have resolved the problem described below…

— original post below —

After semi-auto-updating through several WordPress versions I expected another seamless upgrade!  Whoops! (Nice time to have backups!)

Seems that some changes tied to Javascript (best I can tell – WP3.2 went to jQuery 1.6.1?) may ‘break’ a working 3.x site…  Note that only the admin pages were ‘broken’ by 3.2 (in my case – the public pages seemed to continue working normally.)

If restoring from backups is not possible and you need to revert to a previous version of WordPress you can find links on this page:

I restored from backups but I also successfully restored with – my sites are back to ‘normal’ (i.e. all Javascript editing/features are working again.)

This pages seems to highlight the problem, but, it does not provide adequate information to really resolve the issue (i.e. what is the real problem?)

The page above states that PHP and MySql version must be:

My server meets/exceeds those versions and I still had a problem…

The typical WordPress problem resolution sequence did not resolve this issue, i.e.

What would be useful would be a script that checks for any required software versions/plugins/resources PRIOR to manual or auto-upgrade… With clear requirements it should be simple to create a  pre-upgrade-checker script – so, who knows the real requirements/problem/resolution for this issue?

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