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Slings! Arrows! Barbs! Slashes! – Search: What’s Next?

By Dale Reagan | February 6, 2011

February/2011 – Search Tech-Leaders from Google, Bing & Blekko discuss ‘search’ & ‘web SPAM’…

This content was found by accident only a few days after being created/published – some interesting views and worth some reflection. In one of the videos Matt Cutts (Google) comments on what appears to be Bing’s  end user’s use of Google search patterns with Bing’s response of something like, “We all do that”, ~= the End User License Agreements (EULAs) that most folks click on ‘Ok’ without reading state that the search company can collect data to ‘improve search’… Ponder that a bit before you use a search engine Toolbar/nifty-new-tool – knowing that the data (your personal, digital trail, is being used in many, many ways.

Big Think Presents Farsight 2011: Beyond the Search Box

Matt Cutts (Google) My thoughts on this week’s debate (from the above gathering)

The remainder of this post is for a SEF?/FSE? (or SEotF, Search Engine of the Future?; FSE, Future Search Engine?)  The contents are limited to my notes and  some [ reactions to the content ] from watching several of the videos from this event – quite thought provoking and interesting (esp. since I previously wrote about some of these topics at a ‘user level’ (SCIK!, solution engines…, web SPAM.)  Some ‘notes’ are attributed, some are not; most are ‘facts’ (what did I hear or see) or my reactions to the discussions – so, yes, this post is my cheat-sheet to assist my recall about the public recordings from this gathering.  Note that the Bing sponsored this event AND invited competitors; there is a call for search standards during the discussions. [ Will search have any standards next year? ]

How will this post resolve?  in time? socially? any un-discovered/un-anticipated resolutions?

Ready for risk?

Jaron Lanier – You are not a gadget…

Esther Dison

Di-ann Eisnor

Blaise  Aguiera

Aditi Muralidharan

Kevin Kelly – What Technology Wants, Cool Tools Web Site, Wired Magazine founder

– Marty Hearst, Mark German, Sam Altman, Ty Ahmed-Taylor

AI & Search

– Tao Yang, Luc Barthelet, Chris Ahlberg, Kevin Kelly

— user intent understanding

— solution rich answers

— computational and deep transaction knowledge

— direct answers for past, current, future?

— Wolfram/Alpha – computational (calculation based results);  search based on large data sets like weather conditions matching specific requirements, i.e. what geographic location has or will have conditions favourable for kite surfing at a specific time?

— search = find; ‘solve’ for ‘in the future’

— a dialogue (i.e. Star Trek computer) via Wolfram/Alpha & Mathematica; interactions with knowledge engine

Recorded Future (temporal analytics engine)

— events with time points – what mankind knows about the future

— the past contains glimpses of the future (scheduled events)

— human time vs published time

— predictive power of web content (temporal index)

future is available now (i.e. stock trading)

— temporal linguistics present challenges

— generating data, not search results; based on ‘data sets’

— listens to ‘feeds/sources’; does not currently ‘crawl’

— target specific customers; not free! (“Not a west coast, throw it out there approach…”)

Dr. Gary Small – Is search the end of memory or… an opportunity to alter the way that we use memory.

— how is technology affecting our brains

— effect of technology on creativity

— ‘brain fitness’; non-naive search users have increased brain activity…

“surgeons who play video games make fewer surgical errors…”

— brain–> computer interface (headbands & thoughts via wireless tech…); TIN FOIL hats to block SPAM….  🙂

— mind reading?

Yandex – Ilya Segalovich

— 60% of Russian Search Market (essentially a monopoly in planet Russia)

— audience focused (non-English language market)

— shopping search, maps, poetry, listen to music

— public and internal company measurements (search quality metrics & need for standards)

— local market(s) focus; 15 countries, 77 regions; bi-lingual, different cultures, standards of living, etc…

Paul Wehrley,

— like TV Guide for legal Internet Television/video content guide

locating high quality content support the need (at this time)

— flag noise/illegal and remove from DB; organize into verticals; provide structure

— recommendation system (Beyond the search box? – partner with Facebook… using likesfriend-mappings)

Loss of Privacy via Technology – what is taboo?

Salim Ismail, Singularity University

— alternatives to privacy

— Prospective search – tell me whenever X happens

— explosion of ‘sensor networks’ in near future (including personal data, i.e. from smart phones)

— our lives –> ~= a digital set

Panel discussion

— Doppler (Social) search – where will your friends be?

How will the search experience make user’s feel?

Influencing what a user is thinking? **  Sub-liminal search?

— Weed out the crap and focus on non-crap?  (Blekko)

— Seduction/addiction to technology?

— Any danger of Blekko type approach – filtering too much?  Reducing noise in our field of vision while remaining open.

— Search is meaningless – the web is not about search – it’s about using data in real time; challenge is in filtering…  Focus, but not isolation

— Future (search) power will be filtering power…

— AI/pattern recognition – the next search?  The need for ‘training’…

— Goal based search?

— New data streams adding to ‘content’; layered apps & data; massive data overload in near future…

Moving your search history from Google to Yandex;  improve results by bringing ‘my information’ to the engines (it is OUR info, not the search engines…)

— Holographic search?

— Push vs Pull (just show me what I [* should *] want…)

Peter Hopkins – Big Think

— Search impacts What & How we think – what does this little bit of knowledge do for us/you?

loss of deep attention (filtering out noise) and build/retain information to create ‘the new’

— skimming/scanning/multi-tasking leading to loss of deep thinking?

— is search making us more involved?

[— this is a GIGO challenge (with or without SPAM…) ]

— Privacy is an artifact of pre-communicative culture? (no privacy)

— technology now empowers small groups to take exponential risk only previously possible by large groups (i.e. Man on the Moon.)

— Google in China: information access – not able to reach a profit point based, in part, on interference from a government…

Malcom Gladwell

— illusions of understanding simply because we have access to data; [* we can, therefore this is true/factual *] – diminished respect for authority…

— discerning the artificial truth

— who cares? – why worry about  the importance of further refinements in technology?

solving the non-problem…

Moving human knowledge forward – inflated self-importance of the tech corridor…

— end Part II —

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