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How ‘secure’ is ‘secure enough’?

By Dale Reagan | December 6, 2010

How secure is secure enough?  With yet another round of Wiki-Leaks releases of sensitive US government documents you might be wondering:

There are NO RULES in cyberspace…**

Are these types of issues:

  1. Cyber War?
  2. Cyber Crime?
  3. Cyber Espionage? (government and/or business)
  4. Cyber Financial-Economic Strategy?
  5. Cyber something else?

Some ‘Leak’ Scenarios (many more possibilities…)

About the ‘Leaks’

So, where does that leave the rest of us?

How do you protect your ‘sensitive data’ from such threats? (living in a ‘no rules’ environment)

Can the latest round of security tools solve these types of problems?

No, not if the problem is like what it appears to be with Wiki-leaks;  You can’t solve people problems with non-people solutions…

If you are not using a continuous security-process/security-posture then your compromise chances are probably significant…  And yes, even if you are doing the right things your systems/networks are still at risk.

** cyberspace – a term originally coined by author William GibsonBurning Chrome (~1982), Necromancer (1984.)

Update 12/8/2010 – the electronic (commercial) war (supposedly) by WikiLeaks supporters ‘brought down’ the web sites of  Mastercard & Visa today – a few days after  the Wikileaks leader was arrested and jailed.  Sounds like Cyber Terrorism to me and it should NOT be tolerated – this is not civilized/ethical behaviour.  The only thing that this behaviour conveys is the need for a reasonable defense posture as well as the need to find and deal with the responsible miscreants; these types of efforts do little to support the supposed mission of a site like Wikileaks…

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