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GeoIP Resources

By Dale Reagan | November 4, 2010

This is a simple post of GeoIP related resources compiled in 2010.  More current results should be available via a web search…   Please visit the related posts for discussions and examples of using GeoIP filtering for:  Apache/web/httpd, e-mail, other uses.

  1. – I use several of the APIs and data sets from this resource.  The tools are simple to use and it is relatively easy to update the data sets.  Of course, Maxmind also provides commercial versions of there data and services.   I am finding that more Open Source solutions are using this resource as well (i.e. WordPress plugins, Wireshark, Iptables, mod_security, Apache, milter-greylist, etc.)
  2. This is a great resource for less technical users – need to know how to modify your htaccess files to block using GeoIP conditions? – 10/2010 -“Country IP Blocks now offers Network Data in 7 Distinct Formats: CIDR, Netmask, .htaccess deny, .htaccess allow, IP Range, Decimal/CIDR* and Hexadecimal/CIDR. You decide who can access your websites and servers. Block a country, allow a country. Now you can take complete control of your website and network traffic. IP Blocks are a simple and effective way to improve security by limiting spammers, hackers, bandwidth wasters or malicious traffic.” – site offers dynamic generation of lists for:

More GeoIP data sources/data collections

Related, Network Resources for ‘mystery IP’ network abuse

Please see additional posts for examples of how to use GeoIP mapping to manage/monitor access to your servers and networks.

Real-time and other GeoIP type Network Maps

As time permits I am available to assist with GeoIP related projects – please use the contact form on this site and provide a summary of your project.

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