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WordPress – importing images (media)

By Dale Reagan | March 5, 2010

I have not found a simple way to batch import  image files into Worpdress – I have a few thousand images myself so finding a ‘good solution’ would be welcome.   🙂

The out-of-the box WordPress image-import solution does allow for ‘batch’ import of images via the Flash uploader; there is a limit to the number of images that can be processes at once but it does work.  This approach is fine if you only need to import a few images (i.e. less than 100 vs hundreds or more images.) Also, all images will be auto-magically placed in folders by date so they will all wind up on one folder unless you import on different days of the week…  (This is probably not a problem – just an FYI.)

Best WP Plugin (So far) is NextGen Gallery

How to proceed?  Import folders? images? Zips files?  All at once?  Based on experimentation I suggest:

  1. create Zip files of image folders (organized in some fashion, perhaps by subject?)
  2. when you import the Zip file set the process to create a new ‘gallery’
  3. note that folder ‘structure’ will be ‘lost’ during import – all images will be in one gallery (hence the suggestion to start out with a zip file for every folder…)
  4. when done you can create ‘albums’ – collections of galleries

What about one big zip file? While possible, even if your images are in sub-folders they will all wind up in on (large) gallery – if that’s ok then go for it!

What about import from folders? During limited testing Sub-folders are not traversed so you only get one level of images.   Also, all images are placed in one ‘gallery’ (again, ok if that’s what you want.)


This plugin does NOT use the WordPress standard tables to store image file information (the files won’t show up under the ‘Media’ option.)  This is NOT a problem (but should be noted since you will always need the plugin to work with the images; once imported you may retain access to the images as long as you know how to locate them but if the plugin ceases to work with your next WordPress upgrade you might be looking for another solution…)  since you have access to the images via the standard media tools (add more than a simple image using any of the many NextGen options!)

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