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Most impressive Mobile Application for (Smart phones)

By Dale Reagan | September 4, 2009

Drum rolllllllllllllllllllll – at this time (summer 2009)  and based on my (perhaps limited) review, I would have to say that the Android phone is at the top of the list of smart phones providing applications where real-time data is combined with a large database to provide localized, right-now, right-where-I-am, dynamic information.  So what’s the application?

Google Sky/Google Maps/Google Free GPS goodies

Combining data from databases with your current GPS location is quite a feat (unless your under thirty, in which case it just another app…)  Having a device that you can view localized night-sky information on is simply wonderful – ever wondered what that constellation was?  With your Android phone it’s as easy as point and read – really.  You should take a look at Google Earth and Google Sky (both available for your PC and both provide interesting and potentially useful information for study, review and simple enjoyment.)

So what about a similar application for Windows Mobile? – you can purchase ($19.95) AstroNavigator – free trial possible – Note that I have not tested this software so review is suggested prior to use.

I previously used Google Maps (without a phone GPS on a Windows Mobile 5.0 device) and thought that it was a great application.  With Windows Mobile 6.1 and a GPS it’s a great app. Without the GPS the results were reasonable (i.e. you are within xx00 feet of the ‘blue dot’.)  Now, you are at the blue dot – quite nice.  Thankfully (at this time) Google Maps does not bombard you with advertisements or other annoyances – but of course, Google can ‘track’ your map views and aggregate data based on use of the application… (And so could any other, similar application provider.)

Non-Free Applications – Top of my list

There are also a number of mapping software applications that you can purchase so I suppose that they would also fit into the category of impressive mobile applications.  The Touch Pro2 (HTC Windows Mobile 6.1 phone) includes a trial offer from Telenav (i.e. tom-tom on your phone!)  With 2d and 3d views it quite a mapping solution and, it is subscription based ($10.00? per month – varies by carrier – at this time) with a 30 day free trial (registration required.)  It supports both text and voice input – and you are encouraged to use caution while driving… 🙂

The Telenav solution offers:

Summary: Google Wins with free mobile, GPS based, real-time, excellent applications.

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