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Fedora 11 upgrade

By Dale Reagan | September 9, 2009

Some relatively new Linux documents that should be reviewed:

FC9 to FC11 upgrade

Next, Upgrade Virtual Box

Next, try Cobbler with FC11

I install Cobbler (Bare metal/virtual system provisioning solution – see other posts on this site) and give it a whirl.  Whoops – my network config no longer works for Cobbler and Virtual Box.   This may take some time to resolve…  VirtualBox has been great for me but changes to it’s networking processes have created some challenges – last year some handy ‘bridge tools’ were removed from the package.  I confirm that all is well with the Cobbler setup (web ui works, firewall adjusted, repository created, base system added, Selinux changes made, etc.)   When I boot the virtual machine (via VirtualBox) it cannot ‘see’ the TFTP server.  Hmm – I decide to wait for the next release of Cobbler (should be fall of 2009) to work through this problem [noting that this could also be a VirtualBox networking issue…]

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