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Android G2 – review continues – quirks

By Dale Reagan | August 10, 2009

8/11/09 — Random FIND – the MyTouch PDF user Manual! 🙂  When I first searched for one (and even now) I was getting few direct hits from T-Mobile or Google/Android; most of the results were sites trying to sell what-ever.  Here’s a thought, perhaps T-Mobile could include a direct link from their pages advertising the phone?

8/12/09 — No real news from the Manual, i.e. no solution to the Email Trash problem… but there are a couple of interesting items:

8/12/09 – continued;   the video recorder will ‘follow’ your orienation (horizontal or portrait) as you record.   On playback, however, I see that it is only recording in the horizontal view…

~8/10/09 Whoops – forgot to post this one… 🙂

Camera Quirks

G2 Startup – what’s running?

Problems/Interface challenges

If an automatic update fails and you move to ‘Home’ or some other application you ‘loose’ access to the update screen?  In general, unless an app ‘remembers’ where it was you have no way to return to where you were.  If there were an ‘active task list’ then you could select the running app to bring to the foreground?  Another ‘missing’ feature?  In this case an update failed with a ‘connection failed’ message – I see no obvious way to update other than to un-install and re-install the app.

Notification pane (Status Bar)

Located at the very top of your screen this pane provides active information about what’s ‘on’ (cell, wireless, GPS, etc) as well as email notices and system events.  You may also see icons for system?/special apps.   Just ‘long touch’ the pane and slide down to open it up for details.  If you have an ‘on-going’ application (i.e. something like Net Meter) or an active download then you can check on it or change to it using this ‘path’.  This is a semi-process list direct access method but it only works for applications that tie themselves to the notification pane (so far, sadly, only a few apps do this.)


Google Maps

Web Browser

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