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Android G2 – review continues – good and bad news

By Dale Reagan | August 10, 2009

I am still reviewing but this information may keep you on the fence a bit longer.  Note that a new Windows Mobile phone is set to be released via T-Mobile in the next week or so (mid August 2009) – right now the MyTouch is probably not going to work for me – but it sure is spiffy.  🙁

Ok, I like the video on this device; quality is very nice for such a small device.  The speaker is not-so-good; ear buds are great.  A good summary of information on this device is found on WikiPedia.

Some Bad News for the G2/Android/MyTouch

Pop Email problems (major item)

If you use Pop Email on your Android G2 then a work-around for the trash problem may be to use your PC to ‘manage’ the emails.  For instance, in my case I use the Pop account from both my PC and the G2.  The G2 is configured to leave messages on the server.  The PC is configured to remove messages from the server.  If your PC fetches mail (i.e. your at your PC) then any messages in your G2 Pop Inbox will be updated — so don’t delete Pop email from your G2 and your PC will ‘take care of this’ for you.  If you don’t use a PC to check this email account then there is no easily found solution OTHER than to periodically DELETE and RE-ADD the email account – not a solution…  Neither is a real solution – with my MDA I simply deleted messages and emptied the trash; this is really a fundamental feature for email so I can only conclude that Google is attempting to encourage users to adopt a Gmail/Google Only approach to communications.  This also shouts loudly about the lack of a user manual and in general, poor/missing documentation for the phone as well as for Android in general (yes there is programming information and I guess I’ll have to take a look since that’s all that there seems to be.)

More Missing features

Some Good News/Items

Some Useful/Interesting Applications for the G2

  1. Flixster – view movie-trailers and schedules
  2. BBC News Widget – fetch RSS titles/summarie, select to view in browser – fast, simple, no-nonsense, super useful – I really like this approach (instead of bombarding me with ads and complicated layouts…)
  3. Sherpa – want to locate businesses near your current GPS location?  Nice displays; crashed a few times when I did ‘fast spins’ and changes.
  4. iMap Weather – get alerts, view radar, forecast and more; includes lightening strikes
  5. WeatherBug – really nice weather information with mostly touch screen inputs and variety of displays; nice connection with mapping to show rain
  6. 1cast – video news clips for recent/current events; may be really nice when 3G gets here…
  7. Worldtour – roaming web-cam images selected as for wallpaper on the G2
  8. Netmeter – how much network traffic are you using?  Nice graphical display.
  9. Netsentry – watch bandwidth and report when thresholds reached.
  10. Google Sky Map – point the phone at the sky and identify constellations (GPS must be on.)
  11. Advanced Task Killer – see a list of running applications and terminate them (this or something similar should have been included with the device.)
  12. Battery Widget – there are several (another item that should have been included); the one that I am using displays a battery icon, which, when clicked allows you to terminate Wi-Fi and GPS (both use significant battery resources.)
  13. GPS Status – readout of GPS info as well as compass display
  14. Compass – analog, digital compass display
  15. File Browser – view all files on the device (yes, even system files…  Another tool that should have been included)

I’m winding down my trial – if the programming winds up being accessible I may stay with the G2 – right now it still looks like this will be a return item.

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