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HP L7590 AIO inkjet printer – feedback

By Dale Reagan | September 1, 2008

AIO = All In One (printer, scanner, copier, FAX.)

This printer is pitched as a replacement for a laser printer with lower ‘costs’ – I will document what I find in using the printer.

NOTE – updates at the bottom of the post – printer being replaced summer of 2010…

Caveats – old computer/old computer user:

So far:

I’m hoping that I can use this printer without having to install anything beyond, perhaps, a few drivers.   I tried ‘add a network printer’ – Windows XP could not ”find’ the printer on the network so I could not install it…   NOTE – I could connect to the (EWS) web management interface, but Windows XP could not ‘find’ the printer. I was able to use the web scanning feature – just a quick test, though.

As soon as I plugged in the USB connection the Win Xp box ‘went looking’ for drivers & such.  It found the install CD in the drive so it started the install process…

After several **very lengthy* installs and **removals** and switching to a USB approach I can now print a ‘test page’ – things seem to be Ok.  Then I reboot.

When the system comes back up some HP process is pegging the CPU running some sort of ‘service’.  I wind up killing it and the CPU returns to a more relaxed state.  (I had to actually turn off the service via computer management found under accessories…)

I decided to try a real print job – I configure the printer for:

I send  a second ~70 pages print job:

I send a third ~380 page print job:

  1. I leave the office knowing that this will take ‘a while’
  2. when I return, the paper is ‘out’ so I add some paper and press the ‘ok’ button; things continue as expected
  3. I run out of paper again so I cancel the job and restart it by using a ‘print range’ selection
  4. things pick up as they should and then, I get several pages outside of the requested range so I cancel the job and restart with a new range…
  5. Note – for all print jobs I set the ‘preview’ option to ‘on’ so I get a preview window to ‘approve’ before sending the job to the printer.  The preview tool has too much ‘eye candy’ – it’s slow and clunky and non-intuitive to use (IMO.)  So, I take a look at the preview and then click ‘Start Printing’; I had a moment of concern since I minimized the print preview window – on my task bar it was simply listed as ‘Windows Task Manager’ (a clue to the performance issues – my guess is that the system routines being used are not optimzed in any way for the printer, hence very poor performance on my system compared to smaller, less powerful printers that I have previously used with this hardware/OS…)
  6. as expected, a soon as the printing actually stars the CPU is pegged by the ‘spoolsrv’ process (I keep reminding myself that it less trouble than printing one side, flipping the paper and printing the other side but the system is barely useful for anything else while the print job is being sent to the printer…)  Of course, when the printer has ‘all of the job’ then my PC returns to ‘normal’ as the printer does it’s thing.
  7. finally, the job is ‘spooled’ (the printer has it all in memory) and the pages are being printed.  I note that the Windows Print Spooler indicates that there are ‘482/82’ pages, then 492/82 pages, etc…  Again, with other printers I have only seen accurate information (are at least sensible information, i.e. printing page x/y.)  I am not impressed with this print-spooling-mechanism from HP (and I am disappointed – I expected more.)

Other notes:

  1. Using the web interface [HP EWS] (I did connect this printer to the nework) I can view the number of pages printed as well as other information – looks like I will need to replace the black ink cartridge soon (counter at ~700 pages, 24.8 ml of black ink used and 2.x ml of other color ink used…)  The information screen on the printer is indicating that I will need to replaced the black ink cartridge soon.
  2. Note that the ‘support’ link from the EWS tool actually requires you to agree to send information from your printer in order to locate ‘support answers’ about ‘logged events’????  Why not provide users with a  page where I can look this up???  This is very much like an old Microsoft-like approach (heavy handed) of providing support for product users – IMO Microsoft has improved their approach – HP should consider options for customers who prefer them (Here I am!)
  3. As noted above, my system has 768MB of RAM.  I downloaded and attempted to install the JetDirect solution – it requires 1GB of RAM so, another software disappointment from HP printers…


Customer suggestions:

So why buy this AIO if you don’t need the AIO??? HP sold me on ‘cheaper to use than a laser printer’ – I will follow up with my TCO for this printer.

Update #1 – Black ink is out (printer refuses to print – even though last page printed does not show ‘thin’ printing);   page count at:  832 pages, ink at:  32.94 nml (new Black Ink, ~$30 on sale, 88XL – more ink; – the packaging boasts, “Save up to 40% vs. cost of laser.”)

Update #2 – Page count now at 1446 with few issues other than running out of paper:  1) one page jam during double-sided printing (I configured this printer to a default setting for double-sided printing), and 2) one ‘strange page’ due to some sort of custom formatting in a PDF document.  Very pleased with performance and output, but, at this point I’m not sure about any cost benefits based on supplies.

Update #3 – (12/2008)  Page count now at 3145 with no new problems. I am now seeing warnings about low color ink so I have ordered some ink (I did print several color software manual pages and a few photos.)  I am noting that my ‘printhead End-of-warranty-date is May and June of 2010; also, the printhead status indicates: good.  Accumulated ink usage is – Black: 81.89,  Yellow:  7.23, Magenta: 6.2 and Cyan: 8.38 – clearly I am using this printer for primarily text documents – your usage should vary.  Interestingly, the printer Pages Remaining report shows the following estimates:  37 full color pages  OR, 264 Business Color Document pages OR, 453 Black Text Document pages.  My average weekly usages is probably less than 20 B&W pages – I hit heavy usages when I print hardware/software/other manuals – once or twice per month.

Update #4 – (2/13/2009) Page count now at 3812.   Accumulated ink usage is – Black: 100.98. Yellow: 8.94, Magenta: 7.58 and Cyan: 10.03.  I am now using my second XL (black ink cartridge, installed today.)  I purchased some compatible ink cartridges (lowering the usage costs considerably – ~$10 for an XL cartridge;  lowest HP brand prices were $30-40) so my fingers are crossed.  The remaining cartridges will need replacement soon (the ‘pages remaining’ tab from the ‘Ink Supplies’ page indicates ‘0’ pages remaining…)  I continue to enjoy faultless double-sided, color printing.  Also, the ‘webscan’ feature continues to be useful – still happy with the printing features of this printer.  🙂

Update #5 (8/7/2009) Page count now at 5500.  Accumulated ink usage is – Black: 146.14.  Yellow: 13.88, Magenta: 11.02 and Cyan: 14.21.  The cheaper ink cartridges were ‘from a bad batch’ – so I was told;  the company quickly replaced the ‘bad ones’ but I am going to try local refills next…   Note that this printer will STOP printing if any cartridge is ‘out of ink’ – very annoying when printing a B&W document to have the job pause when ‘Magenta’ runs out????

Update #6 (1/2010) Page count now at ~8200.  Print quality issue required a manual ‘head cleaning’ – note that since I did not install the HP software I do not have direct access to some of the tools needed for adjusting print quality…  Hopefully the print head still has some life in it – we’ll see…

Update #7 (4/2010) Page count now at ~9200.  Another print quality problem.  Started diagnostics by running the ‘PQ’ diagnostics tool – nice output clearly shows problem with Black ink; replaced/refreshed Black ink.  Ran other tools including:  print head cleaning, alignment and linefeed calibration [note: this uses ink but better to confirm all is well than send print jobs and get poor/throw-away output…]   If you are using the web interface you can reach the tools via a URL like:


At this point I suggest running the PQ tool monthly. Some interesting output from this tool includes:

Update #8Final update (7/2010) Page count now at ~9400.  Replacing printer! Seems the Black/Yellow print head is shot and the Cyan cartridge is being reported as ‘damaged/missing’.   Summary:  printer performed well for ~2.75 years (noting comments above.)   Ink totals:

Reasons for replacing include:

My real, what do I need printer feature list:

  1. network ready – wired at least 100MB (not wireless; wireless devices without wireless security OR adding yet-another device to manage/monitor just does not make sense; IMO better to add a wired device to a network that already offers secure, managed, wireless access…)
  2. automatic double-sided printing (part of the reason for choosing this printer last time around was to avoid manual double-sided printing…)
  3. scanner/copier – only used occasionally – simply nice to have
  4. quality B&W/grayscale; prefer printer with extra Black ink if color printer

Note that the one or two times per year where FAX is requested I usually talk folks into using email, or if I have to, I will use the fax/modem on the PC; email is preferred…  I never used the FAX on this printer…

Features I don’t care about:

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3 Responses to “HP L7590 AIO inkjet printer – feedback”

  1. Dan Akermalm Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Hey Dale,

    Read your experience with the L7590. Pretty thorough!

    Thought you might be interested in checking out our site.

    Dan Akermalm

  2. Dale Reagan Says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Hi Dan,
    Your solution looks interesting (and comparable to what I have seen for Epson printers.) But, it’s a bit pricey for me… Have you considered an option providing just bulk black ink? (That would make more sense for my uses.) BTW – if I read the pricing correctly your solution would cost twice what I paid for the printer, but, based on my print uses the ink would last a long, long time – your solution is probably an excellent fit for anyone printing thousands of pages per month.


  3. Dale Reagan Says:
    May 13th, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    A couple of new comments based on usage for this printer:

    1) using photo-quality mat paper the paper feed mechanism will grab more than once sheet of paper and then jam (i.e. I send a print job for 10 copies of the same document using this heavier paper.) The problem seems to only occur when printing single-sided documents and requesting more than 3 copies [I printed about 100 copies of the same document; after repeated paper jams I wound up only sending requests for 3-4 copies at once until I reached the required number of copies. NOTE that I have only experienced this when using heavier, photo-mat type paper – normal paper has worked wonderfully.]

    2) if one ink cartridge is completely used then the entire printer is USELESS! IMO the printer should ALWAYS function if BLACK ink is present… (somewhat annoyed by this)

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