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Next 30 days or so…

By Dale Reagan | June 28, 2008

Ok, the first 30 days have passed with few issues.  Overall I’m very impressed with WordPress and I think that it’s a great solution for anyone wanting to try their hand at web publishing.  During the next ~30 days I’m going to give Drupal a test.  While WordPress has many base features and can be (and has been) extended via plugins I am interested in a solution with built-in content management (i.e. images in addition to text.)

From the Drupal web site: “Drupal is a Content Management Framework. This is somewhat different from a Content Management System (or CMS) in that it is by nature geared more towards configurability and customization.”   The Drupal Overview discusses the importance of abstraction and the implementation of a layered approach to all things Drupal – giving it a try should be interesting.

First Drupal Tip: “Drupal 7 will be developed for PHP 5.2. While this does not apply to Drupal 5 or 6 it would reduce later complication to build new sites using PHP 5.2 if possible.”  Based on some of the problems that this site experienced with WordPress as well as newer WordPress plugins being written for 5.2 and considering the stability of PHP 5.2 this is something that many PHP users will be considering.

Some of the things that I’ll be interested in exploring include:

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