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Professional Blogging – resources

By Dale Reagan | May 28, 2008

If this is not a blogging site then why are professional blogging resources listed/mentioned?

Part of the experience of exploring blogging software will/should include the commercial/professional aspects of this genre of web publishing. It will be some time before we know if this is a long term staple of the Internet or just a step in the evolution of web publishing (i.e. we started out with simple, static HTML pages and now dynamic content is the norm.)

Why Blog?

Best I can tell commercial/business/professional blogging is an attempt to connect with customers on a more personal level (engaging existing customers or drawing in new ones.) This is a combination of marketing and customer support. Question: How is this different from existing web interfaces? Answer: It is a relatively simple and easy to use solution taking only minutes to setup and begin using.

Are there any negatives to blogging?

Absolutely! As with any form of Internet/web publishing the content that you release becomes part of an eternal global record as soon as it is published. If you have a personal blog, well guess what? the same thing applies. There are numerous spiders, bots and real people combing the Internet and storing any and all manner of data – I would encourage all web publishers to keep this in mind. My guess is that there are a number of recent college graduates who, via hind-sight, are bemoaning the posting of their escapades to social networkings sites as well as blogs (things that future employers will likely review as well as future business partners.) In short, the public Internet/web is probably NOT the best place to share your private adventures or thoughts (but it sure is easy…)

What’s a good blog?

One where customer/web visitor interaction is key – a base component of blogging is feedback/comments. While dealing with comment SPAM will probably always be a problem there is significant benefit from hearing what real customers have to say about your products and services. Note that the blogs that seem to be the most useful provide some level of value to the blog visitor – if you are simply ranting about ‘things’ (or your product) then it’s more likely that your blog will have an overall negative impact on your company reputation or product.

Ok, where are the resources?

It just so happens that I attended a lunch discussion about blogging a few weeks back. I also happened to ‘win’ a door prize – the just released book, Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett (see book link below.) I found the book to be a reasonable introduction to the blogging medium. The authors make the excellent point that you should not quit your day job on day one of deciding to become a professional blogger – it takes time and quality content for your information niche to realize income from blogging (if that is your goal.)

Chris Cree was the presenter during this event. You will find a number of articles and pointers to additional blogging resources on Chris’ web site.

So, you now have some timely resources: a recently published book (2008), three Bloggers to refer to for detailed thoughts on blogging as a business or for using blogging to enhance your business, and in addition, you can use your favorite search engine and search for terms like: professional blogging, business of blogging, blogging and business, or some other relevant combination.

Finally, you can refer to the Business Blogging link/blogroll on this web for additional resources – I will edit the list as I locate good resources.

Additional resources from Amazon may be found below:

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