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Is this site a blog?

By Dale Reagan | May 27, 2008

Yes and sort of no…

Yes since the site is using blogging software.

Sort of No since it really is an experiment with this type of web publishing solution as well as an exploration of the system and software pieces needed for this type of presentation. While the lines are somewhat blurred my current needs are more along the lines of a CMS (content management solution) than a ‘blogging only’ solution.

Initial impressions on WordPress:

A General Comment: IMO all applications (commercial or Open Source) should be offered with a high level of security as a default, not as an option; if you want to change from secure to in-secure that’s fine. When you present a tool to a global user community with experience levels from zero to max you should give them a good starting point. Note that the Linux community, Hosting providers and even Microsoft have all moved to ‘start secure’ and provide options to move to a ‘less secure’.

The security settings created by askapache-password-protect are a good starting point for a WordPress install – I suggest that all WordPress users consider this plugin.


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